Sunday, July 21, 2013

baby shower!

My fabulous sisters and sister-in-law threw me a baby shower this weekend, which was wonderful! So many thanks to Carmel for hosting, to Laurie for coordinating, Celine for providing food, and activities (advice books!), to Florence for making adorable party favors, and to Simcha for her chairs and being the kind of awesome "kid" I hope I have someday. Also thanks to everyone who came, there were a lot of happy women from 9 years old to 90, just what pregnant women should be around, in my opinion. We missed my Mom, and sisters Angela and Regina, who couldn't be there, but I got to see them in June and it was like we had a mini-shower that lasted all weekend when they were here, so it's ok.

Here are a couple pictures from the always wonderful and nurturing Judith Thorpe, another role-model mom.
Laurie, the awesome cake she brought, and me.

The present-opening marathon, much helped by Paloma.

Me and Carmel, the amazing hostess.

Me, Carm, Celine (sitting on floor)
(and Carrie Strine all the way from Queens, NY and Janet Pritchard all the way from Mansfield, CT are in the background. Ladies also came from New Haven, Worcester, Wellesley... 
I have such wonderful friends and family!)

Since I was the one opening presents I didn't get much of a chance to take pictures, but this is the crazy amount of gifts I received -- so many it required the dolly to bring them  upstairs! 

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